If you don’t find the car you’re looking for in our inventory, We’ll find it for you.
10225 Berea Road
 Cleveland Ohio, 44102
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Welcome to Lee Lynch Auto. 
How many hours do you spend in your car each day?  Such a major purchase requires an auto dealer you can trust, and a car that meets your lifestyle and budget. Getting the right assistance can alleviate your stress and eliminate confusion with your next car purchase. 

For more than 25 years, Lee Lynch has been selling and leasing vehicles to individuals and companies throughout Northern Ohio. His integrity and meticulous attention to detail is what keeps him in business. In fact, he’s relied entirely on referrals since he’s been established. Discover a new experience purchasing your next vehicle from Lee Lynch Auto!
10225 Berea Road 
Cleveland, Ohio, 44102 
Telephone:  (216) 634-5000 
Mobile:  (216)780-1960
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Your car specialist.